Israel Hughes

I started my apprenticeship in Rancho Cucamonga, CA at a shop called Franco's Inkslingers in 2004. Chris Gove was my mentor and still a close friend. I learned in tradition to the tattooing code, I learned about shop etiquette, customer relations, tattoo drawing and acetate stencils, needle jigging and tattoo machine building. I continued my studying going from shop to shop. It's a lifetime process, I believe, to learn from many different artists; what to do and what "not" to do. God gave me a talent for art from birth and now I know why He sent me into the world to learn tattooing. Tattooing for most people is an expression of who they are and sometimes it is a release of problems, the death of loved ones or a celebration of goals reached. Most customers I tattoo have a story or a hardship relating to why they are there.
If you are looking for a tattoo artist who cares about your tattoo then please come down to Persecuted Tattoo in Greer, SC. Your ideas and desires to express an idea are interesting to me regardless of the style or text.
I am experienced in BIO-mechanical, organic, geometric, and traditional tattoos, new school and old; free hand tribal and free hand cover-ups; portraits, black and grey or color; sleeves, leg and arm; back pieces and more. There is no tattoo that I haven't done. I have won awards at conventions and have been very successful in my machine building and have not had any returns or repairs on any machines that I have sold. I use all my own machines and build them to suit or maybe I can suggest a machine on areas that you may be having trouble with in your tattooing. I give all the glory to Lord and I praise Him for the work of my hands. God bless and I hope to cross paths with you soon.

Justin Walker Hughes

I started my apprentic2nd Generation Tattooer Husband | Father | Angler Persecuted Tattoo, SC. •Thou & Thou alone•